Feedback from sessions

Meera’s work..


All absolute truth.. You have a very beautiful gift and share deep healing. Thank you
Meera is a very skilled and accomplished practitioner. She blends strength and delicacy perfectly to create an extremely safe and healing space. I trusted her completely and so I was able to reach a very deep and profound level of relaxation that I have not felt in other treatments before or since. Thank you for your beautiful energy.
Jessica, London


In this life experience, once in a while we loose touch with our own center. Meera’s highly intuitive presence will guide you back to your center and helps you to heal your blockages in your physical and emotional body. Rebalancing treatment is one-of-a-kind, never have I experienced anything so wholesome healing. Healer and teacher who is highly connected to Mother Earth and its truth.
I have no words to thank God about meeting you sister. But you understand.
Anu, Finland


During my time in Rishikesh (India) I had the pleasure to work together with Meera. The sessions with her had been a enriching experience. Due to her fine feeling and intuition, Meera knows how to guide me throught the session if we worked more on the mental level. At the same time she strictly followed her straight concept and was strong in keeping her role as therapist. The body work was a deep, very relaxing experience with full of presence.
In total, Meera is working seriously and professional. Beside the treatment I know Meera as a very lovely and hearty and sincere person, which easily turns to be a good friend. Between leisure time and the working time, there was a clear boundary.
Samuel, Switzerland