Satsang with Nukunu Jan – Feb 2015

Arambol (Goa) and Gokarna



 “The only reason that we are not free is that we believe we are not!

We identify with and support these believes unconsciously.

That is why we are missing the obvious.

That our essential nature holds on to nothing and is forever free.”



Satsang means association with the truth.

We can never lose the truth that we are but we can forget it. Psychological pain is the child of this forgetfulness. Satsang is re-connecting and again resonate with who we are behind all our identifications.

Satsang has no specific form. Its main purpose is to awaken in us what we have never lost. This is done trough spontaneous talks and exchanges between the Satsang giver and people that have come for Satsang.




  • 11, 13 and 15 Jan – Arambol (Goa) – “Love Temple” – at  00  to  18.00


  •  from 26 Jan to 2 Feb – Gokarna (Karnataka) – “Mahadev House” – at 11.00


Gokarna, “Mahadev House” where will be Satsangs with Nukunu, you can find by this map-picture. And after fish market you can see sign – Satsang  and  arrows  ->




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