Satsang with Nukunu, Jan 2016 Goa


Satsang means association with the truth.

We can never lose the truth that we are but we can forget it. Psychological pain is the child of this forgetfulness. Satsang is re-connecting and again resonate with who we are behind all our identifications.

Satsang has no specific form. Its main purpose is to awaken in us what we have never lost. This is done trough spontaneous talks and exchanges between the Satsang giver and people that have come for Satsang.


Song of the Avadhut

This text is a diamond in the tradition of Advaita/Vedanta. The very fact that the author of the text don’t mention his name as the author show a lot, because he knows -have realized- that there are no personal doer. “He” has not written this profound text.
Nukunu will give talks over the text-sutras and make these eternal words alive in a 21 century context. Just come and listen and allow the meaning of the sutras to penetrate and transform you.

About Nukunu

When and where going to be Meeting with Nukunu in Jan 2016?

2 Jan in “Love Temple” Arambol, Goa at 19.00