Retreat with Nukunu, Jan 17 – 23, 2015, Candolim, Goa


For many years Nukunu has been going to India and he has a given a large number of retreats and Satsangs there. This year he will be in India during the period January to March and you are welcome to participate in his retreats and Satsangs.


January – February:  Satsangs and Retreat in Goa


Nukunu is planning to go to Goa India already beginning of January. He will be in Goa from the 9 January. People can hang out with Nukunu in Goa from 9 January to 20 February There will be a group “Only Lies Dies” from 17 to 23 January and before and after that group there will be open Satsangs and maybe also small Intensives.


For more information contact Meera:



Seven Days Retreat  –  Candolim, Goa


Like last year There will be a retreat in Goa. The theme of the retreat is “Only Lies Dies” and it will be held at Dona Florina Guest House 17 – 23 January. After the retreat we will go to Gokarna from 25 Jan to 2Feb where also will be Satsangs and then until the 20 February again Goa. In the beginning of March Nukunu will take an ayurvedic treatment before going back to Denmark.


“Only Lies Dies”


17 to 23 January 2015

Seven Days Retreat in Goa, Candolim


An experience arises (is born) and subside (dies). “You” are not born and will not die. “You” don’t belong to these categories. What arises and passes does not really exist because you can’t keep anything of it. It has no lasting self-nature.


When you reach the evening the day has gone. All the events that has happened during the day is gone forever, never to repeat them self. They were made of the stuff that dreams are made of. Trying to hold on to them is like trying to grasp air.


That is why I call it illusions or lies.


What I call the natural state is that which is always the same – never changing. When you realize it you can say, “I am the same” whatever is happening and that is real freedom!


The work is sudden awakening, gradual cultivation.


In these days we will work with different Dharma Doors to invite a moment of clarity and like last year we will get support from the beautiful Goa.


During the retreat there will also be a yoga class every morning with Bhakta Devi from Sweden.








The cost of the retreat: 17-23 January


Early-bird price: 300 EUR, if paid in full (or with a non-refundable deposit of 70 EUR) before the 10th of December.

After the 10th of December, the cost is 370 EUR.


Cost of food: no more than $20 per day on average.

During the retreat we normally eat at the Pete’s Shack- a Shanu’s Guest House café on the beach. Very nice food there, good selection, etc. Prices differ, but an average vegetarian meal plan per day is no more than $20. (I can email you the scan of their menu with prices, on request).



We will be living in several guest-houses along the ocean beach, sharing really good twin-rooms. You’ll know which guest house you’re booked upon registration for the retreat. All the guest houses are situation within a few minutes walk from the Donna Florina guest house, where the retreat itself will be taking place.


Arrival 16 January, departure- 24 January (checkout 12 noon).


Important! Once you register for the retreat, you’ll have a room allocated and booked at a specific guest house for the duration of the retreat. Your pre-payment is your guarantee of that. If you arrive early (or stay on late after the retreat) and arrange your own accommodation for that at another room/place, it is important that for the duration of the retreat you move into the room booked for you by us to avoid confusion. Thank you for your cooperation.


The cost of accommodation:

The prices are different, but the comfort level of all the rooms is quite similar.

Twin-share rooms prices per person: $14, $16

Prices per room: $28, $32


Important. The price depends on the timing of your booking. Your pre-payment confirms your booking and secures your space. The price in dollars is approximate and depends on the exchange rate of the rupee.


The address: Goa Airport, then get a taxi (no more than 1300 ruppee/$22 for the 2 hour trip) to the following place- Donna Florina Beach Resort, Monterio’s Road, Candolim, Bardez, Goa, India.


Organizer: Meera Bai

+3 8 098 22 646 77 Ukraine

+91  9823850676   India

skype: avida.meera



Frequently asked questions:

-I cannot assist with visa questions. Please refer to the Indian Embassy website in your country- it has all the information there.

-airfares- I can only recommend a contact, who may assist with the tickets:

Max Kharchenko


-if you want to come before the stated arrival time for the retreat (16th of January, 12 noon), I am unable to assist with your accommodation. I can, however, provide you some contacts of local guest houses, so you could arrange something directly.

-similarly, if you want to stay on after the retreat you’ll be able to arrange something once you’re in Goa.

-prices for the guest houses in the area range from 850-2000-3000 rupees and more.. they’re fairly comfortable, usually twin rooms, with amenities and near the ocean.



  • Satsang with Nukunu, Arambol – 11, 13, 15 Jan in “Love Temple” at 16.00 – 18.00
  • Retreat with Nukunu, Candolim, Goa – from 17 to 23 Jan 2015
  • Satsang with Nukunu, Gokarna, Karnataka – from 26 Jan to 2 Feb