Ninawa Pai Da Mata and Txana Ikakuru

Kaxinawa “Huni Kuin – The true People” Tribe


Amazon Spiritual Leaders, Master Shamans
Ninawa Pai Da Mata and Txana Ikakuru

(Amazon Rainforest – Humaita – Acre – Brazil)


Ninawa Pai da Mata is a Spiritual Leader and Master Huni Kuin ‘Pajé’ Shaman from Novo Futuro village, which are located at Humaita region of Acre – Amazon Brazil. He is a beautiful spirit that carries with him a long lineage and vast ancient wisdom of many thousands of years from his tribal Huni Kuin ancestors. Ninawa is a being of love and compassion, and helps us westerners to connect back to our tribal roots, and awaken to our shamanic tribal ancestry.


Txana Ikakuru Huni Kuin lives in his native Huni Kuin village «Boa Vista» in the Jordao region of Acre – Amazon Brazil. He is the grandson of Romao Sales (who was one of the main guardians of the sacred and ancient Huni Kuin chants of Nixi Pae) and grandson of the 105 years old Master Kaxinawa Shaman Mukaya. Txana Ikakuru was chosen by them to carry the ancient Huni Kuin lineage of the sacred chants of the Nixi Pae & the healing knowledge. He is the Spiritual Leader and Pajé of his village Boa Vista, and his knowledge on the medicinal plants, sacred chants, and healing arts is vast.


Ancient wisdom and powerful healing. They seek to connect with us to assist in the global spiritual awakening taking place.


They wish to help raise our vibration through sharing their ancient knowledge and healing through workshops, talks, concert and the chance to have “One on One healing”
Healing with Spiritual Shaman Leaders from such a remote Amazonian tribe, a truly special and transforming experience. Their circles are a powerful and wonderful experience full of LOVE and profound transformation.


The Huni Kuin Tribe is an ancient Amazonian tribe, with much wisdom and love they are share with us


To pray with them under the flag of love, the flag of peace and the flag of unity and to unify our hearts as One Global Spiritual Tribe.


To become immersed in their ancient and magical world of plants, spirits, powerful sacred rituals, primal sacred dances, healing, ancient chants many thousands of years old, stories of the great forest and many initiations for spiritual evolution.


Love & Light
Haux Haux