Meera Bai

Meera_BaiMeera Bai


Certified therapist.

Non-Dual therapy. Body therapy. Tantra.


She leads individual sessions and meditations.  Assists in therapy groups (Primal, Women’s training, Non-Dual Therapy..).


She is also the organizer of retreats and a training program on Non-Dual Therapy with an enlightened master Nukunu.


Certified rebalancer. Graduated from OSHO REBALANCING® Institute.


Also did a professional training for body therapists (at Sexual Grounding Therapists).


Reading energies. Reiki. Bioenergetics (4steps).  Completed educational training for Tantra teachers (Deva Homa and Mukto, Brazil).  Non-Dual Therapy (Nukunu, Denmark).


In deep contact with Shamanism in tradition Kaxinawa “Huni Kuin” and tradition Yawanawa Tribes.


Combining work, furlough and education, every half a year travels in India, Amazon Forest, Brazil and other countries. Has been doing her personal spiritual practice for more than 15 years.